Sunday, August 25, 2013

Natural Healing -Garlic

When I was a child my ambition is to be a Doctor. Which I never did. Somehow, I ended becoming an engineer.

Why? This is because at that time if I chose to be a doctor, I will not be able to further my study abroad. So, by default I became an engineer.

As I become older or more senior in my age, I have the hobby to study about natural healing. Natural healing through the consumption of our daily food. Amazingly, I found out most of the food can be the natural "medicine" to our body.

Lets see the main  ingredient in our daily cooking - Garlic.

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From the write up garlic provide extensive health benefits. Thus, you can find your "medicine" from your food. That is why some entrepreneur has came out the garlic capsule product. This is for those that could not smell the strong odor from the garlic.

Practically, those in the capsules are much easier to take for people that are having a busy life and living in urban metropolitan. However, in selecting what is best for you here an article to provide you the guidance :

So, why not we make a habit to take a slice of garlic a day as part of daily menu. I am going to make it a habit that never been successful and keep on forgetting it.

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