Sunday, August 25, 2013

Natural Healing -Garlic

When I was a child my ambition is to be a Doctor. Which I never did. Somehow, I ended becoming an engineer.

Why? This is because at that time if I chose to be a doctor, I will not be able to further my study abroad. So, by default I became an engineer.

As I become older or more senior in my age, I have the hobby to study about natural healing. Natural healing through the consumption of our daily food. Amazingly, I found out most of the food can be the natural "medicine" to our body.

Lets see the main  ingredient in our daily cooking - Garlic.

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From the write up garlic provide extensive health benefits. Thus, you can find your "medicine" from your food. That is why some entrepreneur has came out the garlic capsule product. This is for those that could not smell the strong odor from the garlic.

Practically, those in the capsules are much easier to take for people that are having a busy life and living in urban metropolitan. However, in selecting what is best for you here an article to provide you the guidance :

So, why not we make a habit to take a slice of garlic a day as part of daily menu. I am going to make it a habit that never been successful and keep on forgetting it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Business Development

Talking about the Business Development, it is  something to do with the marketing or sales kind of works.

Do you think we need to go to school with a Degree or MBA to excel as a Business Development Officer/Engineer/Executive???  I don' think so.

In my humble opinion, to be successful as a Business Development Officer , you need a character.  A character that love to meet up with people, a good listener, must be very patient and ability to communicate with all levels of people.

What else..... hmmmmm another thing you are not bound to the working hours.  As a Business development guy you time should be flexible to meet the potential and existing client. The client will set the time that you need to follow. Then, remember to be punctual and on time. Not the usual thing when not making it on time people will say " I am on the way"....

To secure a contract or to received a Purchase order it is not a one time deal that you meet the potential client. You must visit them at a regular interval and continuously keeping in touch whether there is a contract or the purchase order.

So, it is painstaking but can be a rewarding career for those with the character that I had mentioned. You know yourself better what profession you should to choose. Adios!!!!

One last advice, no business is secure through in a formal way. In many occasion, it is someone that you know as a friend or a business network.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Makan Gaji

Majority of us earned our living by " Makan Gaji"  or in other terms salaried employee. The meaning is that we are hired by a company for a specific tasks or specialisation. Makan gaji juga membuatkan kita jadi routine. Why? cuba perhatikan we did almost the same thing untuk bertahun- tahun. Breakfast almost the same food, lunch time at the same time, and do our groceries during the weekend ( most of us do).

Makan Gaji ini in the old days bila kita bekerja makan gaji, it is a career for life. Sampai pencen la. Whether it is in the government or private sectors.

Tapi masa telah mengubah segalanya.  Satu pekerjaan kalau suatu masa dulu boleh kerja sampai pencen dah hampir tidak wujud di zaman sekarang ni. Syarikat- syarikat bergabung, penstrukturan semula menjadikan segalanya uncertain.

Jadi dah agak senior pun sekarang dan hampir nak pencen pun kekadang terpaksa lagi mencari-cari pekerjaan di laman laman web dan juga di ruangan iklan dalam surat khabar. Terpkasa lagi attend interview dan sebagainya. Padahal pada umur yg dah tinggal hampir nak pencen sepatutnya boleh duduk dengan selesa tidak lagi wujud pada masa sekarang.

Walaupun kita love not to make a move but many of the occassion the "Push Factors".  Ye lah sebagai contoh, syarikat undergoing right sizing ( ayat positive which actually meant pengecilan), redesignation, Boss tak favor, dan banyak lagi faktor- faktor lain.

Jadi yang penting untuk the new generation we must cultivate the culture that they must take a up something that have a special skills. such as cooking, tailoring or even mechanics. Even though you have a degree, master or PHD.  Otherwise, you will become a routine man.

Finally, more importantly you must always stay alert and acquire sebanyak mungkin imlu pengetahuan and special skills that we can always jump to another when the time come. Wassallam....

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Leader

I had a chat with my wife on the way to the office while we are stucked in the traffic jam.
We start talking about the subject about what is a leader all about. Then, I told her I read in an article that said " A leader is a person that have the follower".  So, if believed that you are a leader, so you must have the follower.
If no one follow you. You may want to check yourself whether you are a leader or not. Follower here meant is not like when someone follow you on your twitter or reading your facebook posting.  If you are a true leader you will not feel lonely.  You will have your subordinates or people surround that are comfortable when you are around. People loves to have you around and they will be happy to meet up with you.
In an office environment, we used to hear people become very happy when they  were told " Boss tak dak kat  ( not around) office today or the whole week " yahoooooooooooooooo !!!!........boss tak der"   but why yahooooooooooooooooo !!!!...from your subordinates.  This meant you are not their true leader. The yahoooooooooooooooooo denotes that they are happier when you are not around. That is why when you are in the office you feel lonely. Your subordinates or staff do not favor you. They see you as the liability. The malay will say " perabih beras" buat "menyemak" aje.
Therefore, my suggestion you better check about yourself. This includes how you are treating your staff, are the type that do not walk the talk, you never engaged with them and perhaps everything that you did with your staff always on official manner with full of protocol.
But people always claimed they are the leader because they are the Manager, the Senior Manager, the General Manager, the Senior General Manager and etc.... the list goes on as a Manager or Department Head. The word manager meant you must manage but what do you manage. Do you manage people???? No lah you should managed the process. When you manage the people this where you end up not being the leader. When youu manage people there will be many different style and attitude, so you akan letih and penat . You don't manage people but you treat them humanly and lead them.
We want people to be our follower because we are the leader but we we forget what we should do to make our follower to follow us. The Leader do what the themselves want but not the follower need or wanting. Therefore, they become the lonely leader.
If you feeling lonely when you become a boss. Something wrong with you. So, fikir fikir kan lah....

HMJ Green

Sunday, September 23, 2012


1. We love to call our superior or someone that in control BOSS!

2. BOSS in Malay will be :

B  - Bikin 
O - Orang 
S  - Susah 
S -  Senantiasa

Normally in a gangstar movie the calling of BOSS become something synonym with the movie. Thinking of it, the abbreviation may have the  meaning that I written above maybe is true or not, I am sure for you to judge.

3. So if you become a BOSS why are you playing arrogant ? Why are  not listening to your down line instead you want your people to say only nice thing for you to listen. Why are you always blame people for your lack of vision and direction.

4. In a movie normally a BOSS is a smart and charming leader but only become a fearful once his instruction was not followed.  For an ordinary man a BOSS always love to be BOSSY.  Pretending to play GOD all the times, where he knew everything and his word is the ultimatum and definite.

5, Now why don't we become a different BOSS. After all we are the BOSS to a human. Human has the emotions, and wanted to be treated with respect. Human is a brainy creature so treat them one. Don't let them become just your slave or not a thinker.  You become a BOSS sometimes by default since you are the most senior or you knew someone that have the power and autonomy in the organization or company.

5. People work for people. That is why when people asked for transfer or resign from a department, or a company in actual fact the are leaving the BOSS in many of the cases. The work place will be a productive one once the objective of all of us coming to work is clear. But many knew that for survival " rubbing the shoulder" is the main job. This will leave those who do not know how to rub shoulder overloaded with the work which resultant in mistakes and non productive.

6. Finally, as a result the department or company become irrelevant but the BOSS survive because of the rub the shoulder techniques that are so powerful.  For the BOSS, do change your management style  because the next thing you realize you may no longer a BOSS because you had reached retirement age or being sacked by new company management. At that time, you have no title and the BOSS title is no longer available.  You will be alone where no tribute and respect to you BOSS.  So, be a BOSS that have the empathy and use the emotional intelligence rather making people fear for you.

7. If you a good BOSS people will still call you the BOSS at all times.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


1. Rezeki meliputi segalanya . Ianya tak tercapai akal memikirkannya.

2.  Macam mana sesuatu sumber pendapatan untuk seseorang manusia  boleh mencukupi atau tidak cukup. Kalau di hitung menggunakan kalkulator maka ianya pasti menjadi negative atau dalam erti kata lain tak cukup lah jadi nya. Hitungan secara matematik membuktikan pengiraan kita ada benar.

3. Memang benar sekiranya di hitung secara matematik ianya tidak mencukupi atau sebaliknya tetapi soal rezeki  adalah suatu yang ghaib yang hanya di ketahui oleh Tuhan yang menciptakan Alam dan segalanya-galanya yang ada di langit dan di bumi.

4. Jadi tak perlu lah kita gundah gulana dan merasa resah dan gelisah. Kalau kita taat kepadaNya maka sudah tentu Dia akan memelihara dan mencukupkan rezeki kepada kita. Rezeki bukan hanya berkitar sekadar wang ringgit tetapi kesihatan, ketenangan, keluarga, kenderaan  dan segalanya yang ada pada diri kita dan sekeliling kita.

5. Kalau ingin tenang senantiasa melihat orang yang lebih susah dari kita dan senantiasa melihat orang yang di bawah kita. Kalau kita rasa kita susah ada lagi orang yang lebih susah dari kita.  Tanya diri sendiri kalau perut kita senantiasa kenyang itu makna kita di beri rezeki yang mencukupi sedangkan ada orang atau manusia yang hidup kelaparan.  Maka bersyukurlah kita atas nikmat dan rezeki kurniaanNYa.  Ini lah nasihat Ayahnda ku..... yang masih ku ingat pesanannya.


Monday, June 13, 2011


Green Technology is the keyword.
Many of us start to realize the importance of to keep things green. Just like your age.
Reaching 40 plus no longer green. It is an age of maturity. It is a transition. An age that you start to
relook at your achievement and failures. The age where the boredom may start due to your routine lifestyle all the way since you start working.
So how to keep ourselves Green. We need to find some excitement in life. Then, I start to believe what people use to say"  life began at 40s". Your physic and chemistry of your body also change. You need o rejuvenate.
So, does the world energy that need an adoption to the Green technology to ensure survival of energy supply that we depend much on our daily life.
Think Green and think Green Technology........

HMJ Green